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Services Provided

The office specializes in the provision of comprehensive legal services that covers all aspects of law and regulations set in the United Arab Emirates, as well as laws of the region. The office aspires to serve both local and foreign clients, amidst seeking to protect our clients and their rights, to achieve their objectives & save their time and money. Our office also provides legal services and consultations outside the UAE, and across the globe through our legal networks and cooperation with international law firms worldwide.
With their high level of legal experience, on both local and international levels, from various legal services provided to clients, exceeding the traditional method of law practice, the office is a clear mark in diverse aspects of law such as the civil, commercial, international law and Islamic Sharia.
In particular, the legal practice for the office covers all administrative law, commercial agencies, criminal law, estates' disputes, employment, funds, banks, the intellectual property, sale and purchasing of the properties.
To conclude memorandums of association, articles of association, required for companies establishing investment portfolio and investment funds with conversion of the technical structure of projects to legal form in compliance with commercial law, preparation of draft agreements by issuing the deeds, bonds and guarantees.
To take the necessary legal steps to increase capital for companies, portfolios, investment funds, preparation and reviewing the local and international agreements such as agencies' agreements, loans, distribution agreements and franchise agreements.